AMINO KING is Amino acid based Plant growth promoter. it contains amino acids in the form of protein hydrolysed derived from Vegetable Protein sources. AMINO KING is first of its kind product manufactured
by hydrolysis of vegetable protein sources by sophisticated state of art technology. The active nature of amino acids helps in chelating & better absorption of nutrients by the plant. AMINO KING contains 30 % Protein
hydrolysate along with other Micro nutrients and Trace elements for increasing the productivity of the plant under all geographical conditions. AMINO KING is available in both Liquid and granule form.

Advantages of Amino acid

  • Increases the yield and quality of the crop
  • Enhances the flowering and reduces the flower drop
  • Increases the chlorophyll content in the leaves leading to higher photosynthesis rate
  • Increases the resistance power of the plant by strengthening IN immune system
  • Increases soil micro flora and improves the health of the soil
  • Compatible to be used along with other fertilizers/pesticides

How to Apply

Liquid : foliar application: 2-3 ml / liter of water, Drip irrigation: 1-1.5 liter / acer.
Granules : 20-25 kg / acer.

Recommended crop

Amino King usable in all vegetables, fruits crops, cotton, cereals , horticulture crops, potato, jeera, papaya pomegranate , mango and all other crop