BIO BLAST is pure natural insecticide which is highly useful in controlling insect pest BIO BLAST contain natural herbal extract and it’s kill plant insect by natural process , BIO BLAST is 100 % bio and eco friendly product.

Advantages of Bio Blast

  • kill all pest like thrips , mealybug, whitefly , aphids , grasshoppers etc and protect farmer against financial loss.
  • Does not kill any plants friendly organisms like earth worm , honey bee and bio fertilizer bacteria also.
  • BIO BLAST is 100 % natural products it is useful in organic farming also

How to Apply

Spray 80-100 ml / pump bio blast spray every 25 days on crop and protect plant against insects.

Recommended crop

Bio blast is used in chilly , tomato, potato , cotton, jeera, mango, tea, pomegranate, sugarcane, like every crops which is highly infected by insects .

Note : do not use chemical pesticide with BIO BLAST