BIO BOOSTER GOLD is VAM ( Mycorrhiza ) based bio fertilizes which is increase the absorbtion are of roots from 100 to 1000 times more, BBG greatly improving the ability of the plants to utilize the soil resource . BIO BOOSTER GOLD provide ability to plant for easily absorb and transfer of all macro & micro nutrient . and BBG provide best growth to the plant and increase yield and quality of final product BBG also increase plant water uptake and holding capacity

Advantages of Bio Booster Gold

  • Provide richness in plant root and increase number of hairy root
  • Can reduce fertilizes requirements through improved plant nutrient uptake capacity.
  • Boost phosphate and zinc availability also improve plant disease resistence power.
  • 100 % bio product and eco friendly which is useable in organic farming also.

How to Apply

2 kg / acre before sowing sprayed in farm and 50 gm / 1 kg seed coting

Recommended crop

BBG can use in all the crop like fruit crop, vegetables , nursery plants, pulses, jeera, potato etc.