Magnesium is an indispensable mineral for plant growth, for it play a major role in the Production of chlorophyll, on which photosynthesis depends. Any critical physiological and biochemical processes in plants are adversely affected by magnesium deficiency, leading to impairments in growth and yield. Easy Mg is complex formed by Amino acids, Gluconates & magnesium in readily available form for the plants. Easy Mg addresses the magnesium deficiency. Gluconates and Amino acids helps in better absorption of the mineral by the plant. Easy Mg is available in both Liquid and granule form.

Advantages of Easy Mg

  • Enhances synthesis of organic compounds which are useful for plant growth & functioning
  • Helps in chlorophyll formation, hence increases the photo synthetic rate
  • increases the yield & quality of the produce
  • Helps in Synthesis of amino acids & cell proteins
  • Facilitates the utilization of other important nutrients by the plant
  • It’s Completely biodegradable and improves soil health & Compatible with other fertilizers/pesticides

How to Apply

Liquid : foliar application: 2-3 ml / liter of water, Drip irrigation: 1-1.5 liter / acer.
Granules : 20-25 kg / acer.

Recommended crop

Easy Mg usable in all vegetables, fruits crops, cotton, cereals , horticulture crops, potato, jeera, papaya pomegranate , mango and all other crop