ECONITRO is a liquid & Powder base nitrogenus bio-fertilizer, ECONITRO is microbial inoculantes of different verities of Azatobactor spp. it’s fix atmospheric nitrogen non- symbiotically and also soluble
insoluble nitrogen in soil , ECONITRO arrange the availability of nutrients to the plant. ECONITRO is low cost, eco friendly organic input, supplementary to the chemical fertilizers.

Advantages of EcoNitro

  • Completes plants nitrogen requirement.
  • It’s Reduces 30-40 % urea usage.
  • Access free atmospheric nitrogen and increase yield & quality of final product.
  • ECONITRO 100 % Eco friendly bio product it useful in organic farming.
  • Improves both plant and soil health and also aids in soil remediation.

How to Apply

1L Econitro in one vigh or 2 L / Acre During 1st water.
Seed treatment : 100 ml or 200 gm / 1kg seeds before sowing.
Soil treatment : 1 L or 2 kg powder mix with 100 kg FYM / Compost & Broadcasts in 1 acer

Recommended crop

ECONITRO is applicable in all crops like Cereals, pulses, oilseeds , sugar crop , fruits plant , vegetables, potato ,jeera, mango , paddy , tea, spice crop etc it’s gives best result in every crop.