FUNGIVEX is natural Fungus Vaccine which is made from natural and botanical extract it’s gives 100 % protection agents. FUNGIVEX can be use in every types of crops, vegetables, fruit, potato for the protection against every type of fungal disease like wilt, white fungi, sukara etc. before sowing mix FUNGIVEX in soil and also give seed treatment which protect plant in primary growing stage from many pathogens. FUNGIVEX protects plant from all kinds of Fungus pathogen attacks.

Advantages of Fungivax

  • Protect plant against wilt, charmi, sukhara, pythium like all kinds of fungus diseases
  • Privet farmer loss and increase farmer income.
  • Does not affect any soil bacteria, earthworm & natural eliminate, it’s only kill fungus.
  • Seed & seedling treatment creates a favorable growing environment with a variety of plant health benefits.
  • FUNGIVEX 100 % Natural product so useful in Organic Farming.

How to Apply

1 Liter FUNGVEX apply in 1 Vigha & 50 ml / 1 kg for Seed treatment after sowing on a first water use 1 L fungivex in 1 vigha or 1.75 L in 1 Acre.

Recommended crop

FUNGIVEX can be used in Every Fruit crops, Vegetables, Pulses , potato, jeera, sugarcane like every plants.