Greencover is a eco-friendly biodegradable MULCH sheet which helps to enrich and protect soli, improve soil condition, reduce plant mortality, accelerate plant growth, conserves moisture, and prevent weed growth and insects. It provides a better growing environment by increasing organic matter and providing nutrients to the soil.

As the sheet mulch slowly decompose, it provides organic fertilizers which helps keep the soil soft. This improves root growth, increases the infiltration of water, and also improves the water-holding capacity of the soil. Organic matter is a source of plant nutrients and provides an ideal environment for earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms.

Products :

Green Fild natural organic material enriched mulch sheet

Green Fild plant extract enriched mulch sheet

Green Fild squares and circles for nurseries

Areas of Application

 Agriculture Farmland                     Ÿ Forestry                      ŸCanal Bank

Ÿ Landscaping                                   Ÿ Landfill Cover             Ÿ Industrial Sites

Ÿ Land Rehabilitation                        Ÿ Traffic roundabout      Ÿ Horticulture

Ÿ Eroded Landscape                          Ÿ Traffic Dividers           ŸNurseries

Guidelines for Application

Do not apply directly in contact with plants. Leave an inch of space next to plants. Lay sheet as close to soil as possible to make most of the product benefits, Remove weeds before spreading. Do not stretch the sheet across land contours. Join sheets by simply butt joining or by overlapping and taping the sheet edges. In case of damage during installation, patch the damage over or beneath. Do not lay during high winds, or rains. Lay on firm ground. Avoid laying over wet ground. Store in cool and dry place.