HERBAL SHINE (A Herbal Product for Growth and Shine)

Introduction :

Herbal Shine contains Basil 10 and natural herbal growth enhancer which can be used on all type of crops like vegetables- chilly, cabbage, peas, lady finger, tomato, lemon, etc., fruits-grape, water melon, etc., cereals, cotton, paddy, Sugarcane wheat, etc.to improve the quality and yield. It is non-toxic, water soluble. It keeps the crop green and shiny for loger time.

Direction For Use :

Use 2 gms Herbal Shine per liter of clean water and stir well,
*Spray plants till drenched completely.
For Agriculture use only.

Note :- since the use of the product is beyond our control, we can not undertake any responsibility other than quality of the product.

Contents :  Basil, Maize extracts etc.