NEEMAYUR is a bio insecticide. it’s a based on botanical extract of Azadirachtin indica and neem oil which is naturly prevent plant harmful insects naturally NEEMAYUR is registered by Indian Pesticides Regulatory Authority – Central insecticides Board, Govt of Indian.
(NEEMAYURE available in 10000 PPM & 1500 PPM)

Advantages of Neemayur

  • NEEMAYURE effectively controls most of the plant anime pests such as fruit borer of pomegranate, tomato and brinjal, Thrips, Jassids, Aphids and whiteflies, Flea bettles and other chewing insects like Helicoverpa arimigera etc and it’s 100 % Eco friendly bio insecticide.

How to Apply

90 ml / 15 Litre water and spray on all crops.