NEMATOVEX is Natural Nematicide which is developed on the base of Israel Natural element technology it’s natural element kill Nematode eggs, larva and adult stage of many plant pathogenic nematodes like root knot nematode, cyst nematodes , citrus nematodes etc, NEMATOVEX protect
plant and prevent farmer loss .

Advantages of Nematovex

  • Gives 100 % freedom from Pathogenic nematodes.
  • kill nematode by natural process there for it’s does not show any adverse effect on plant, farmer and farms it’s eco friendly product
  • NEMATOVEX is 100 % Natural product so useful in Organic Farming.

How to Apply

1 Liter NEMATOVEX apply in 1 Vigha & 50 ml / 1 kg for Seed treatment after sowing on a first water use 1 L fungivex in 1 vigha or 1.75 L in 1 Acre.

Recommended crop

NEMATOVEX can be used in Every Fruit crops, Vegetables, Pulses , potato, jeera, sugarcane like every plants.