P.G.R. Mineral Mix is unique combination of all the macro and micro nutrients required for the growth and development of the plant. Application of P.G.R. Mineral Mix results in higher yield and improved quality. P.G.R. Mineral Mix contain Nitrogen, Phosphors, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Zinc, Molybdenum, copper, Iron, Sulphur, Manganese with Amino acids & Gluconates as base material. Due to the presence of Amino acids & Gluconnates, P.G.R. Mineral Mix is easily absorbed by the plants and it increases the sizeof the fruits and reduces flower/fruits drop thus increasing the yield. P.G.R. Mineral Mix is available in both Liquid and granule form. P.G.R. Mineral Mix is granular form is formed by using natural clay as base material. The slow releasing nature of the base material makes the nutrient available to the plant for a longer duration.

RECOMMENDATION: Vegetables, Paddy, Wheat, , Fruits, Cotton, Cereals, Horticultural Crop and all other crops.


  • Increases the yield and quality of the crop
  • Enhances the flowering and reduces the flower drop
  • Helps in formation of chlorophyll, thus results in higher photosynthesis
  • Promotes the development of the healthy primary roots & their subsequent branches
  • Increases the resistance power of the plant by strengthening the immune system
  • Completely biodegradable & improves soil health
  • Compatible to be used along with other fertilizers/pesticides

Method of Application & Dosage:
Liquid : Foliar Application: 2-3 ml / litre of water /
Drip lrrigation: 1-1.5 liter/acre.
Granule: 10 kg / acre*.
*Dosages will vary based on various Geo climatic conditions and crops.

Packing: Liquid formulation is available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000ml packing.
Granular formulation is available in 10 kg packing.