“P.G.R.Granuls” is a remarkable natural seaweed extracted product which benefits agricultural production including floriculture and horticulture crops. Based on natural plant extract that will maximize the potential of the plant to produce strong stems and healthy leaves, it is beneficial at all stages of vegetative growth. It is completely natural product, non-toxic with neutral pH which is soluble in water and hence leaves no harmful residues in the plants, soil or in the environment.

“P.G.R.Granuls” provides humic acids, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, latic acid, glutamic acid useful carbohyderates.

“P.G.R.Granuls” contains naturally occurred macro/micro nutrients like carbon. Nitrogen. Phosphorous, potassium, Zinc, sodium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, cobalt, lron, manganese etc. The humic acid present in “P.G.R.Granuls” helps root growth, nutrient uptake, plant enzymes and growth of desirable soil microorganisms at the rhizosphere. “P.G.R.Granuls” gives strength to plants against drought and diseases and reduces immature flower/fruits dropping.

Application :

“P.G.R.Granuls” is applied 8-10 kg. per acre. For best results, apply in the late evening or early morning. Two applications per season to be recommended dose for application. Can be apply on other crops like paddy, soybeans, castor, sunflower, all fruits, maize, wheat, pulses, groundnut, etc.Contents:







After 15 days of

Germination/ transplantation

After 15-25 days of  Transplantation

After 60 days of  Plantation

After 40-50 days of sowing

After 20 days of 1st Application

After 15 days of 1st Irrigation

After 30 days of 1st Application

After 70 days of 1st Application

And can also apply for horticulture and ornamental uses.

Storage: Store in a dry coolpace. Avoid dirct sunlight.

NOTE :- Since our products are 100 % natural in origin, analysis may varies form batch to batch.

Contents : Natural Seaweed extract and Clay granules.