Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium play a very important role in crop nutrition. In addition to these major nutrients, Zinc is also assentiol for the plant growth and development. Zinc is required for normal photosynthesis and is directely/indirectly required by several enzyme systems and for protein synthesis. Zinc is needed for cell expansion. Carbohydrate and protein development as well as the production of root growth hormones. P.G.R. Zinc is combination of Gluconates and Amino acids fortified with Zinc in readily available form. Gluconates and Amino acids help the plant in better growth and also act as carrier for Zinc for plant uptake. P.G.R. Zinc is available in both Liquid and granule form. P.G.R. Zinc in granular form is formed by using natural clay as base
Material . The slow releasing nature of the base material makes the nutrient available to the plant for alonger duration.

RECOMMENDATION: vegetables, Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Fruits Cotton & all other cops.

  • Addresses the Zinc deficiency in the crops
  • Necessary for energy production , protein synthesis & growth regulation within plants
  • Supports root growth & increase leaf size
  • Increases Nitrogen uptake, Zinc Content and protein Contents in grain
  • Necessary for the formation of chlorophyll and carbohydrates
  • Increases the flower formation, fruit set, seed set & rate of maturity which result in higher yields
  • Increases the flower formation, fruit set, seed set & rate of maturity which results in higher yields
  • Completely biodegradable and improves soil health
  • Compatible to be used along with other fertilizers/pesticides

Method of Application & Dosage:
Liquid : Foliar Application: 2-3 ml / litter of water / Drip lrrigation: 1-1.5 liter/acre.
Granule: 4 – 5 kg / acre*.
*Dosages will vary based on various Geo climatic conditions and crops.
Packing: Liquid formulation is available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000ml packing.
                   Granular formulation is available in 10 kg 25 kg packing.