PHOSPHORICH (PSB) is a bio fertilizer based on phosphorus solubilising bacteria pseudomonas striata PHOSPHORICH solubilise insoluble rock phosphate which is present in soil and provide to the plant and complete plant phosphorus demand and it’s increase plant growth and yield

Advantages of Phosphorich

  • It’s fulfill plant’s phosphorus requirement.
  • PHOSPHORIC use decrease DAP use up to 40-50 %
  • Promote root growth and increase yield and quality.
  • PHOSPHORICH is 100 % bio product and useable in organic farming also.

How to Apply

1 Liter FUNGVEX apply in 1 Vigha & 50 ml / 1 kg for Seed treatment after sowing on a first water use 1 L fungivex in 1 vigha or 1.75 L in 1 Acre.

Recommended crop

1L PHOSPHORICH use in one vigh or 2 L / Acre During 1st water.

Seed treatment : 100 ml or 200 gm phosphorich / 1kg seeds before sowing.
Soil treatment : 1 L or 2 kg powder mix with 100 kg FYM / Compost & Broadcasts in 1 acer